I love mountains.  I love being in them, looking at them, climbing them, seeing views from them, being in the clouds with them, and being snowed on when exploring them.  Although I’m not sure when my love for mountains became so great I do know that in the last four years around 87.75% of my holidays have revolved around mountains.  Also, I am currently seven weeks into a six month trip and so far every destination I’ve visited has been motivated by a mountain range.  So I think it is safe to say that the love/addiction is certainly peaking.  As with most addicts I have very limited insight into how violently the mountain addiction has overtaken me.  It was only the other day when I was talking to Phil, the main talent behind this photo blog, about how I couldn’t understand people who repeatedly holidayed in the same location to sit in hotels and do nothing but relax. “Honestly!” I exclaimed, “Wouldn’t they get bored of doing the same thing every holiday?”.  To which Phil sensibly replied, “Well, they probably think the same about us.  All we ever do in our holidays is go hiking in mountains”.  Hm.  Good point and point taken.  All I do is go hiking in mountains and it is just the most glorious, invigorating, blows me away every time thing!  We have just returned from (you guessed it) another wonderful hike.  This time through the French/Swiss Alps from Europe’s tallest mountain, the Mont Blanc, to probably it’s most iconic, The Matterhorn.  It was a thirteen day journey of huge climbs, a daily dance with the weather and repeated magnificent views.  This will be the first of a two part instalment of photos from our journey.  Hopefully you enjoy this glimpse into the beautiful and addictive world of mountains.

my addiction
mont blanc
the light
ibex gentleman
the glory
mossy cakes
into the storm
our home
end of the storm
more than the stars in the sky

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life and hunter

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