The Haute Route takes the hiker from the Mont Blanc in France to the Matterhorn in Switzerland. It was a fantastic journey that never ceased to amaze.  In one day you could see glaciers, mountains, pristine valleys, waterfalls, sunny skies and winter wonderlands.  That said it was no cup of tea-although I did enjoy a few along the way.  It is named The Haute Route, translated “high route” in honour of the daily high mountain passes climbed.  We climbed over 12000 metres ascent by the end which equals some sore posterior feelings.  It also equals about 80000 stairs.  Which is like (for all the Perth dwellers) going up Jacobs Ladder 330 times in 12 days.  Just under 30 times a day.  Somehow it never felt as tiring as it looks on paper.   I think the constant changing views and surrounding beauty almost completely distracted me from the fact that I was in the middle of such a challenging hike.  Either that or the French espressos and croissants along the way were so good that I forgot just how sore the poor old gluteus maximus was.  Hope you enjoy part two of our wonderful journey through the French-Swiss Alps.

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they see me rolling
the climb
frosty reception
the mountain master
crossaints and espressos
helping hand
rocket ship
where i sleep
nine to five
the matterhorn

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