Iceland. She’s that friend. You know. The one you love but also hate. She offends you, targets you in your weak spot. Then she doesn’t really apologise. Just does something spectacular that makes you forget why you were ever annoyed at her. Repeat. This has been my relationship with Iceland. Day one: Waterfall! Beautiful waterfall! Another one! So wonderful! Life is wonderful! Day two: rain. constant rain. No half time break. Can’t see anything. All good understand that waterfall has to come from somewhere. Day three: rain (as above) and wind. Starting to feel rather gloomy. Day four: rain, hail, snow, rain. I hate Iceland. Start searching for flights to Spain. Need to end this toxic relationship. Day five. Sun! Ocean! Mountain! Fjord! Rainbow! Spectacular northern lights show! Literally Gods fingers dancing in the sky! I love you Iceland! All is forgiven. Day six. Rain. As seen day two, three and four. Etc. So end of week one we’re doing great due to another spectacular solar show. But I’ll let you know our relationship status at the end of our three weeks straight together.
Oh and to top it off she’s super photogenic.

she’s nice
man from mountain
half and half
half and half
black sand white sky
the black church
vik beach
white lines
bright lights
bright lights

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